Wednesday, 30 November 2011



The Occupy Nigeria project of citizens groups committed to cleansing our society and nation of maladministration; political and administrative ineptitude and incompetence; as well as the impunity that drives, cordones and revels in corruption and imposing hardships on ordinary Nigerians begins in ernest from tomorrow, thursday, 1st of Dec 2011.

Occupy Nigeria begins with a series of Anti- Fuel price increase protests in Ogun and Edo states tomorrow....Angry, determined and committed citizens will Occupy the Streets of Benin and Abeokuta in a very clear message to this anti people government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: We shall not sit idle and allow you mess up our lives and destroy the future for our youths and children.
The United Action for Democracy will also be addressing a press conference tomorrow to kick off the Occupy Nigeria process.

The Occupy Nigeria process is actively supported and promoted by the We The People Campaign, an initiative of the United Action For Democracy [UAD].

If you are in any of these cities on the 1st of Dec 2011 please come out massively to join the protests and demonstrate to this regime that we not only opposed to removal of so-called subsidy and the consequent unconscionable hiking of the prices of petroleum products; We are also determined to resist and oppose it, and we shall not wait for them to increase fuel prices before we take defensive measures to protect our living conditions!

Other Nigerians prepare yourselves and organise and mobilise to take action in different cities across the country in the coming days and weeks.

We have one simple comprehensive demand: declare a state of emergency in the energy sector, develop and implement a 3 year strategic development plan for the sector, backed by legislation [A Social Contract with Nigerians], breach of which is punishable [can be an impeachable offence], and focused on the following; restore adequate domestic refining capacity sufficient to meet our domestic needs and export to the West African market; undertake an independent probe of the sector to identify economic saboteurs, and the criminals responsible for the parlous state of the refineries and siphoning/looting of public funds poured into the sector since 1999; Ensure examplary punishment to culprits as a deterrant to others; gradually reduce importation as domestic refining capacity is enhanced; and undertake all of these with fuel prices remaining at current rates over the 3 year emergency period.

Surely this should not be too difficult for any responsible government to undertake?

From Jaiye Gaskiya, National Coordinator of the United Action for Democracy (UAD).

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